About Amber

About Amber

Amber is a fossilized rezin from prehistoric trees, it is warm and light ,carries a memory of million years on earth, The composition,colour,

and other physical properties

of amber  all vary according to

age ,conditions of burial, and

type of tree that produced the

resin, Amber might contain

inclusions: various bugs, detritus of ancient flora, air bubbles and other ancient relies (e.g.lizerds,scorpions).

How to take care of your amber jewellery

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Never leave your amber under direct sunlight. protect

amber from chemicals. Always apply your perfume and hairspray before wearing

the jewelery. Otherwise it might damage your amber.

Never wash dishes or do laundry and do not cook or clean your house with household cleaners while wearing an amber product.

Because these products contain chemicals that can also damage your amber.

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Nail polish removers, acetone or household cleaning supplies are not suitable for cleaning amber because it can damage the stone. To clean your amber jewelry only use a special amber cleaner! Regarding the cleaner inquire your amber jewelry retailer.

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keep your amber jewelry in a soft close or satin bag when you are not wearling it. this will prevent it from being scratched by other jewelry items.

Amber by Mazukna Lithania